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What Time & Attendance System is right for me?

There are many Time Attendance systems to choose from today, from traditional time clocks to Time and Attendance Software which offers quick and detailed access to information regarding employee punctuality, absence, and worked hours.

There is also the benefit of being able to export this information to spread sheet or payroll programs which will virtually eliminate manual errors. It can be more affordable and simple to use than you might imagine.

Do time and attendance solutions benefit my employees?

When staff & employees request information from you regarding the hours they’ve worked, the time they have taken off from work, the holiday entitlement they have left, and you can probably add to this list.

All this information is now available at the touch of a button, better still you can let staff & employees seek out this information themselves by allowing them password-protected access to their own data via a kiosk setup especially for these requests, thus avoiding the need for face to face rendezvous with Managers to find out if a certain annual holiday dates are available.

Our online based cloud time and attendance will allow employees to see this information using a home computer or their mobile phone or iPad. They can also request holidays at the time and attendance clocking terminal or again via their phone or tablet device using a web browser.

This level of engagement gives increased employee satisfaction and less resistance to an automated time and attendance system.

Can time and attendance systems improve employee morale?

The quick answer is yes, Time and Attendance is a very important area of employee relations surprisingly overlooked by many companies, for a varied number of reasons.

For example the smaller company may be afraid to introduce time and attendance monitoring through fear of upsetting staff & employees as most smaller Companies more often than not pride themselves on a personal relationship with each employee, even though there may be issues with a small percentage of employees timekeeping and their claim to hours worked, in short, the special relationship is not always reciprocated and employers large or small can find themselves being taken advantage of.

Importantly, Company owners and managers very often fail to consider the negative effect that this has on the employees who arrive on time and leave on time, and may view this a special favouritism towards certain individuals who always seem to be “getting away with it”.

The introduction of a time and attendance system into any business levels the playing field for everyone, and will eradicate the problems brought about by usually a small percentage of employees intent on getting something for nothing, when you introduce a time & attendance system the rules will be applied in a fair non discriminatory manner to the benefit of everyone.

And it is this that will raise employee morale across the board.

Who are time and attendance systems for?

Time and Attendance Systems are created for employers and managers just like you. Employers and managers who feel they have lost touch or need some extra help with the day to day problems of running a business and managing people.

If you feel you have lost touch of your largest business overhead, wages & salaries, and have a sneaking suspicion that you may be spending more than you should be, then a time and attendance system is a must-have item in your business armoury.

A Time and Attendance system will also help you keep on top of the daunting administrative task of tracking authorised and un-authorised absenteeism, annual holiday entitlement remaining, this alone can save hours of disagreements and heartache and fewer disgruntled employees.  Time and attendance systems are for any Company or Organisation who may be experiencing problems with staff & employee punctuality and who would like the ability to pull this information from a database at the touch of a button for disciplinary meetings and appraisals.

If you have payroll administration problems relating to the inaccuracy of time sheets, the inevitable wages mistakes that result from “human error” in the manual calculation of hours worked then a time and attendance system is a must-have business tool.

What are the benefits of time and attendance systems?

We may be slightly biased in our opinion, but we firmly believe that a Time & Attendance System should be the core component of every business that has employees and pays them by the hour.

If you don’t have a time and attendance system in place then you will undoubtedly be letting money slip through your fingers every day, this can be money lost through innocent manual calculation errors, or more pernicious over claiming of hours worked either through falsification of time sheet records to unchecked and undisciplined attitudes to punctuality.

If you only employee salaried staff, who are not paid hourly, a time & attendance system will be an invaluable tool for keeping an eye on the core issue of punctuality and short term absence trends. Another positive aspect of a modern time and attendance system is that it will enable you to keep within the multitude of employment and health & safety laws and regulations that all UK businesses are subject too.

For example, the systems we offer have the ability to automatically print and email fire reports when the fire alarm is activated.

What are time and attendance systems?

Time and attendance systems are an important and key aspect of any HR solution, that may be used by any Company of any size that wishes to impartially record and monitor the attendance of staff & employees at their place of work.

The information gathered can be used in a multitude of ways, some of the more common for example is to increase the speed and efficiency of Payroll preparation, aid in the identification of damaging short term absenteeism, employee punctuality, planning ahead for annual leave and long term sickness etc.

Time and attendance systems can be fully automated and allow employee self-service system access enabling the information captured to be of benefit to employer and employee alike.

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