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Seiko Job Recorder

Have 140 years of time keeping know how created the world’s most popular job recorder?

Probably, since 1881 Seiko have been producing timekeeping masterpieces, famous of course for creating wrist watches that give outstanding reliability & performance. Have now turned their magical hands, where timekeeping excellence is not just for the discerning man or women that appreciates great craftsmanship. Perhaps not as pretty as some of Seko’s classics, but for businesses or organisations where reliability & longevity means everything, Seiko’s latest TP6 Job Recorder is sure not to disappoint. Since it replaces what was probably the most succesful document printer of them all – the Seiko TP20.

The Seiko job recorder… just the job for all sectors.

The TP6 time & date stamp / job recorder is the ideal choice for offices, laboratories, garages, workshops, or wherever there’s a need for recording the time and date onto a job sheet, job card or any type of document or form.

Specifically, the TP6 will facilitate accurate records of the time spent on a job in order to make up a customer’s bill on a vehicle repair for example. Or for time & date stamping in order to create a receipt for goods or items received. Popular usage also includes NHS hospitals for time & date stamping specimen arrivals and progress them through the hospital’s pathology department / laboratory. For this and more…the TP6 is the perfect solution.

This very versatile time & date stamp / job recorder will provide pinpoint timing with bright clear printing on the document of your choice. For indisputable date & time stamp printing there’s simply no other choice.

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And we’ve been doing that for the past 30 years. So we think we’re pretty sharp here at facetime when it comes to understanding customers needs. So whether you’re looking for an “off the shelf fix” or a “tailor made solution”. Our long and varied experience in the time and attendance industry allows us to offer a unique software development service. Thanks to our in house development team, means we can can provide special customised reports, plus bespoke programming requirements no matter how complex they may be. Our ability and willingness to help you succeed, we believe, is the cornerstone of our success and keeps customers coming back time and time again.

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Upon receiving your enquiry, we can arrange a free online software demonstration and a friendly informal discussion to ascertain your requirements. We’ll then send you a detailed quotation which will include our understanding of your expectations and what you require from our system. We offer onsite installation and software training or if you prefer, in some instances we can supply by mail order and provide remote installation and software training using online screen sharing & telephone support. With an average customer life span of 25 years, we hope our philosophy and approach will continue to create many more mutually beneficial relationships that will stand the test of time.

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To keep service support costs under control, we can provide keenly priced support agreements to ensure you always get the most from your new time and attendance, door access control, fire roll call or job costing system for many years to come. Ongoing support is provided by telephone or our online screen sharing service. Site visits are all covered too under our comprehensive service cover agreements. And for customers who want ease of use from any location across multiple devices and automatic updates, we can offer SaaS (Software as a Service) using our own UK based secure cloud hosted servers. So call us today – we’ll always take the time to listen, help & support you.

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