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Biometric Fingerprint Reader

Biometric fingerprint systems that are on another level in providing proof & reassurance

Its August 15, 1971, President Nixon announces the United States of America will no longer convert dollars to gold at a fixed value, therefore completely abandoning “The Gold Standard”.

Well, the Federal Banks may well have long removed the gold standard but when it comes to our biometric fingerprint attendance systems, we certainly haven’t lowered our standards! When a manufacturer puts gold into their product, you know it’s going to perform well…just like the McLaren F1 supercar. It uses gold lining in it’s engine bay pretty much for the same reasons we use 18 carat gold plated biometric fingerprint readers in our clocking in systems – for better conductivity & superior performance. Though you’ll be pleased to learn our biometric fingerprint clocking in systems don’t come at supercar prices. But they certainly offer super performance and value for money while setting the gold standard in biometric fingerprint technology.

The majority of fingerprint readers on the market today only scan the surface of the finger, this is called the epidermal layer. And use inferior materials and scanning methods including; optical, thermal, RF imaging or ultrasonic fingerprint sensing techniques. These types of fingerprint readers can be unreliable due to the possibility of fingerprints being adversely affected by the presence of dirt, chemicals and other environmental factors. This can decrease the quality of the fingerprint over time causing  “read errors”. Our biometric fingerprint readers have overcome this problem by scanning the subdermal layer just below the skin’s surface.

Why take the risk? Biometric fingerprint provides secure solutions for time and attendance, door entry access control and fire roll call management systems

Biometric fingerprint technology requires a high level of reliability and flexibility if it’s to be offered as a credible biometric solution. Particularly for applications such as employee time and attendance management, where the need to ensure employee accountability and legitimacy for hours worked is important. Biometric fingerprint readers is also the perfect answer for those seeking a reliable high-level security solutions in and around the workplace. It’s unsettling to think an intruder has somehow managed to slip into your premises undetected to steal company secrets or cause harm. Or clocking fraud could be taking place behind your back. Sadly, most businesses will experience one or both of these situations at some point.

Perhaps it’s not surprising that fingerprint technology (and biometrics in general) has become commonplace and accepted by most organisations as a legitimate means of ensuring personal identity for the application at hand. Again, biometrics is ideal for door entry access control systems as it also removes the worry over lost ID / access cards or key fobs etc. Fingerprint technology is an invaluable tool for maintaining the system’s integrity and fire roll call management is no exception, and is arguably the only way to make certain employees on the fire report are actually present.

Our Biometric fingerprint readers have been given the nod by the FBI

The biometric fingerprint readers we employ, are the only ones that have been given the FBI seal of approval in terms of accuracy & performance. Specifically chosen by our research & development team, and adapted to provide seamless integration with our entire TimeVue range of hardware and software systems. When it comes to increasing user authentication for employee attendance and door entry access control security systems, you need look no further than our biometric fingerprint readers. Together with some clever software innovation and extensive development in this field, our fingerprint solutions will certainly deliver the results you’re looking for. Not resting on our laurels, we continue to drive biometric fingerprint technology forward at an alarming pace.

Biometric authentication systems provide peace of mind for you and your business as a whole. So the good news is, in times when constant supervision is difficult or near impossible, an effective biometric solution is literally right at your fingertips.

We listen

And we’ve been doing that for the past 30 years. So we think we’re pretty sharp here at facetime when it comes to understanding customers needs. So whether you’re looking for an “off the shelf fix” or a “tailor made solution”. Our long and varied experience in the time and attendance industry allows us to offer a unique software development service. Thanks to our in house development team, means we can can provide special customised reports, plus bespoke programming requirements no matter how complex they may be. Our ability and willingness to help you succeed, we believe, is the cornerstone of our success and keeps customers coming back time and time again.

We help

Upon receiving your enquiry, we can arrange a free online software demonstration and a friendly informal discussion to ascertain your requirements. We’ll then send you a detailed quotation which will include our understanding of your expectations and what you require from our system. We offer onsite installation and software training or if you prefer, in some instances we can supply by mail order and provide remote installation and software training using online screen sharing & telephone support. With an average customer life span of 25 years, we hope our philosophy and approach will continue to create many more mutually beneficial relationships that will stand the test of time.

We support

To keep service support costs under control, we can provide keenly priced support agreements to ensure you always get the most from your new time and attendance, door access control, fire roll call or job costing system for many years to come. Ongoing support is provided by telephone or our online screen sharing service. Site visits are all covered too under our comprehensive service cover agreements. And for customers who want ease of use from any location across multiple devices and automatic updates, we can offer SaaS (Software as a Service) using our own UK based secure cloud hosted servers. So call us today – we’ll always take the time to listen, help & support you.

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