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Can time and attendance systems improve employee morale?

The quick answer is yes, Time and Attendance is a very important area of employee relations surprisingly overlooked by many companies, for a varied number of reasons.

For example the smaller company may be afraid to introduce time and attendance monitoring through fear of upsetting staff & employees as most smaller Companies more often than not pride themselves on a personal relationship with each employee, even though there may be issues with a small percentage of employees timekeeping and their claim to hours worked, in short, the special relationship is not always reciprocated and employers large or small can find themselves being taken advantage of.

Importantly, Company owners and managers very often fail to consider the negative effect that this has on the employees who arrive on time and leave on time, and may view this a special favouritism towards certain individuals who always seem to be “getting away with it”.

The introduction of a time and attendance system into any business levels the playing field for everyone, and will eradicate the problems brought about by usually a small percentage of employees intent on getting something for nothing, when you introduce a time & attendance system the rules will be applied in a fair non discriminatory manner to the benefit of everyone.

And it is this that will raise employee morale across the board.

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