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What are the benefits of time and attendance systems?

We may be slightly biased in our opinion, but we firmly believe that a Time & Attendance System should be the core component of every business that has employees and pays them by the hour.

If you don’t have a time and attendance system in place then you will undoubtedly be letting money slip through your fingers every day, this can be money lost through innocent manual calculation errors, or more pernicious over claiming of hours worked either through falsification of time sheet records to unchecked and undisciplined attitudes to punctuality.

If you only employee salaried staff, who are not paid hourly, a time & attendance system will be an invaluable tool for keeping an eye on the core issue of punctuality and short term absence trends. Another positive aspect of a modern time and attendance system is that it will enable you to keep within the multitude of employment and health & safety laws and regulations that all UK businesses are subject too.

For example, the systems we offer have the ability to automatically print and email fire reports when the fire alarm is activated.

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