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Who are time and attendance systems for?

Time and Attendance Systems are created for employers and managers just like you. Employers and managers who feel they have lost touch or need some extra help with the day to day problems of running a business and managing people.

If you feel you have lost touch of your largest business overhead, wages & salaries, and have a sneaking suspicion that you may be spending more than you should be, then a time and attendance system is a must-have item in your business armoury.

A Time and Attendance system will also help you keep on top of the daunting administrative task of tracking authorised and un-authorised absenteeism, annual holiday entitlement remaining, this alone can save hours of disagreements and heartache and fewer disgruntled employees.  Time and attendance systems are for any Company or Organisation who may be experiencing problems with staff & employee punctuality and who would like the ability to pull this information from a database at the touch of a button for disciplinary meetings and appraisals.

If you have payroll administration problems relating to the inaccuracy of time sheets, the inevitable wages mistakes that result from “human error” in the manual calculation of hours worked then a time and attendance system is a must-have business tool.

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